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Mauricio Vila announces that construction of a new airport in Yucatán is under discussion

by Yucatan Times
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MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- At a press conference offered unexpectedly this Friday, October 9th, after visiting flooded subdivisions and rural areas in Mérida, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal spoke briefly about the project to build a new airport in Mérida

“Two-three weeks ago, we had a formal approach to this project, since we had a meeting with the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, where they told us that there are private investors who are interested in investing in a new airport in Yucatan, but so far there is nothing solid yet,0 ” the governor explained to an express question on this issue.

It should be remembered that a year ago the possibility of building a new airport in another area of ​​the Yucatecan capital was announced since the current one is being absorbed by the “urban stain”.

“At the State Government, our position is that infrastructure is welcome to Yucatan and especially if it’s going to generate jobs in the State, we are talking about an investment of 10 billion pesos, which will generate many jobs, which are very important for the State, ”said the president.

As long as it is a project that takes care of the environment, he continued, it will be analyzed by the State Government and of course also by the municipalities that are involved. 

Vila Dosal said that the location for said air terminal has not yet been defined, but there are several options and the decision will be made by investors.

“There is already a formal proposal from the investors who are going to inject the resources, we are not in a position to put state money into the airport, it would not be our priority at this time. But if it is an investment that comes from the private initiative, it will be accepted because it will generate jobs, which is what thousands of Yucatecans need, ” the governor concluded.

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