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Lack of democracy has led the country to crisis and decline: AMLO

by Yucatan Times
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If the government authorities “misbehave”, the people will no longer vote for that party,” said the president.

The lack of democracy has led the country to economic crisis and decline; “Let no one feel absolute, that everyone strive to do things well,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and specified that members of the government seeking candidacy for the next elections have until Saturday to present their resignation. He recalled that electoral fraud is already a serious crime and asked that if irregularities are observed, they should be reported.

During the morning press conference at the National Palace, he argued that when there is no democracy “whoever gets to office feels absolute and does whatever he wants. When there is democracy there is public scrutiny, there is surveillance, there are elections and if the government behaves badly, the people no longer vote for that party ”.

He assured that the public budget will not be used to favor candidates and parties, and officials “cannot promote themselves if there is evidence they have to report and electoral fraud is already a serious crime, whoever commits it goes to jail and has no right to bail ”. In relation to the alleged self-promotion of the delegates of Welfare programs in various states towards the 2021 elections, López Obrador argued that complaints must be filed.

He added that it is necessary to review how the elections were carried out, “how fraud and the buying of votes and the complicit silence of the media have prevailed, with honorable exceptions. We do not want that to continue, but for the elections to be fair and free. Let us all help so that there is no electoral fraud ”. AMLO said.

He recalled that in 2006, as former president Felipe Calderón had no legitimacy, “he looked for it, in the (Carlos) Salinas style. It should be remembered that when he became president there was also electoral fraud. Upon arrival, he takes spectacular measures to legitimize himself, he put the oil leader, Joaquín Hernández, and other businessmen in jail. But it was only just to pretend he was doing the right thing because the Salinas government was the one that looted the most in Mexico, deceiving the people with these measures ”. 

Following these steps, Calderón did exactly the same to gain legitimacy, he declared war on drug trafficking, “it was like hitting the hornet’s nest and it put us in a quagmire. Imagine what electoral fraud causes. When there is no fraud, it is not necessary to take spectacular measures or for the authority to want to legitimize the government ”, AMLO added. 

The Mexican president maintained that the delegates already know that the matter falls within the sphere of criminal law, “if public servants or the president of the Republic himself fall into a crime and it is shown that they are committing it, they will be tried.” 

Finally, AMLO added that he hopes the removal of the jurisdiction of the president is approved, “they will judge me like any citizen,” he concluded. 

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