How to care for the skin around the eyes?

The skin around the eyes is one of the first areas where premature aging is noticeable. Fine lines can be noticed around them and bags and dark spots usually appear on the skin just below the eyes. These can even appear momentarily, as signs of tiredness.

Therefore, if you take care of your appearance, one of the main areas to pay attention should be your eyes. But, how do you take care of the skin in this particular area?

Aging in your eyes

The area around the eyes is in constant motion and the skin is more fragile. This skin is much thinner and does not have as much collagen, which is what helps us maintain firmness and elasticity. In addition, we blink more than 10,000 times daily, and it is an area subject to a lot of traction.

As the skin around the eyes is so special, it requires special care. We should not use the same cream and products that we use on the rest of the face. Instead, an eye contour is often recommended, which helps nourish, hydrate the area, and restore flexibility.

How to reduce the signs of tiredness around the eyes?

Signs of tiredness around the eyes are usually noticed as bags or dark circles. They are noticed as swelling and actually result from poor circulation. There is not enough venous or lymphatic return, and what we see increased in volume is mainly retained fluid.

The more dehydrated or fragile the skin around the eyes is, the more swelling will show up. This can be greatly improved with proper rest and lymphatic drainage techniques. However, products for the eye contour are also very useful so that these signs of fatigue are not so noticeable, even after a difficult night.

The skin around the eyes begins to reduce its flexibility very early. For this reason, these types of products are generally recommended after the age of 25. At this age, you probably won’t see very marked signs, but the goal is precisely to avoid them.

If you want more information to properly care for the skin of your face, or if you have specific problems, you can contact a dermatologist in your area and ask all the questions. That way, you will have the best advice, adapted to your age and the health of your skin.

Thanks to Dr. Mercedes Silva Orellana, ophthalmologist, for reviewing and verifying this article. She is a surgeon who graduated from the National University of San Marcos, in Peru, has a specialty in Ophthalmology from the National University of San Marcos, Peru. Her specialties are Glaucoma Treatment and Glaucoma Surgery, also offering treatment to patients suffering from closed-angle glaucoma, droopy eyelids, open-angle glaucoma, among others.