House robbery at Yucatán Country Club despite security

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (October 22, 2020).- Two security filters were not enough to prevent a millionaire robbery at the Yucatán Country Club, which claims to be e of the safest exclusive private neighborhoods in all of Mexico, and suspicions fall on the private surveillance body that refuses to collaborate in the investigations to clarify the facts.

The theft occurred on the days that Tropical Storm Gamma and Hurricane Delta affected the Yucatán Peninsula.

In those days, the owners of the residence located in one of the Country Club’s private streets, were out of town and, despite the great security that the exclusive complex offers as a plus, they asked their neighbors to keep an eye on their house.

During the effects of the tropical cyclones, it was detected that one of the rear doors of the residence was opened, but given the supposed strict private security in the area, they did not give it much importance.

It was not until Thursday, October 8, that the theft was discovered, which amounts to two million pesos, including various objects such as jewelry, watches, personal documents, vehicle invoices, Luis Vuitton purses, electronic items such as flat screens and play station consoles, and even baptism certificates.

When a criminal complaint was filed, investigative agents came to the scene and began investigations to clarify the crime, but the Country Club security body, including managers, have shown little collaboration.

The owners of the residence do not explain how the robbery could have occurred without the guards noticing, since everyone who enters the Country Club goes through a strict control and identification process.

Not long ago, they recalled, a robbery occurred in which a group of Colombians was involved, who managed to evade surveillance because one of the partners and owner of a house in The Country Club let them pass.



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