Heavy rains leave floodings in the Motul municipality

Motul, Yucatan (October 30, 2020).- At least 89 people have been transferred to a shelter in the municipality of Motul, due to the heavy rains that were generated with the entry of cold front number 9.

According to information provided by the municipal government, a significant number of floodings were registered in various sectors of the region.

In San Pedro Chacabal, about 49 people had to be evacuated so far because the water entered their homes.

The City Council began an operation to relocate citizens in vulnerable situations, for which it set up a temporary shelter in CBTis 80, where 17 people are sheltered, while the same was done in a religious temple, where another 14 are sheltered, while the effects of the floods pass.

However, the authorities plan to set up one more temporary shelter, since it is necessary that the affected citizens have enough space to keep a healthy distance.

It was reported that the rains which began in the first minutes of Friday, October 30th, lasted about 6 hours and its effects, according to locals, were equal to or more intense than those registered with the tropical storm “Cristóbal”.