Formal complaints filed against Promotora Residencial

MÉRIDA; YUCATAN (October 31st, 2020).- At a time when a new flood affected the Gran Santa Fe Norte subdivision in Ciudad Caucel, two homeowners in that private residential area formalized their complaints against the construction company and Promotora Residencial, in charge of selling the houses.

In addition, it is expected that in the course of the next week 10 new complaints will be filed due to the refusal of Grupo Promotora Residencial to respond for the damage caused after the floods this year.

Residents of Ciudad Caucel say that the problem is because the wells are not deep enough to drain floods from poorly constructed streets.

Complainants María Eloísa Güémez Can and María de la Luz Torre Acereto, went to the investigating Prosecutor Office of the FGE’s Attention and Determination Unit to denounce the fact that Grupo Promotora Residencial refuses to cover the damages caused by the floodings to their furniture and home, and they claim that it was negligence from the construction company.

The damages occurred during the effects of Tropical Storm Gamma and Hurricane Delta, which caused a flood never seen before in that residential area, where they acquired houses in this private housing complex, as they ere told they were buying real estate located in an excellent area of ​​the state capital, perfectly built, with the best quality materials and with all the first world services for residential homes.

They say the realtor company assured them that the houses were an excellent investment.

The company in charge of selling the homes was Grupo Promotora Residencial, represented by Armando Palma Peniche, and the one in charge of the construction was Casas, Desarrollo y Promoción Cancún, headed by Carlos Góngora Peniche.

The complainants stated that although their properties are in low-lying areas, they swore they were safe, comfortable, and of the best quality.

However, the rains that fell from September 30 to October 8 (caused by a cold front, Tropical Storm Gamma, and Hurricane Delta) flooded the streets of Gran Santa Fe Norte, to the extent that the water began to enter the houses.

The water level rose to such a degree that it damaged the homes and personal property of the owners, without the drainage working properly, revealing hidden defects and poor quality of the construction materials on the buildings.

Cracks, saltpeter, constant leaks, damage to the floors, unevenness, as well as damage to door frames and walls were evident.

In vain the homeowners waited for the water level to decrease, but this did not happen, not even the rain stopped, and after several days they continued with flooded streets and houses.

According to the complainers, instead of absorbing water, the rain wells overflowed, because they are not deep enough, but experts are saying that the water table below Mérida and the surrounding areas is full, and therefore, it naturally seeks a way to overflow to the exterior, so that is why Ciudad Caucel and Las Américas are flooded.

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