Fonatur will compensate ejidatarios of Maxcanú for works of the Mayan Train

Maxcanú, Yucatán (October 25, 2020).- In relation to the alleged interruption of works by a group of residents of Maxcanú in the Calkiní-Izamal section of the Maya Train Project, Fonatur clarified the following information:

The works are not interrupted. There are no known altercations of any kind in the area.

The payments for the land that will be affected by issues related to the release of the right of way in the municipality of Maxcanú were made in May directly to the communal representation bodies.

In the ejidal assembly held on October 25, in Maxcanú, the ejidal commissioner reported that this week, the federal government will proceed to the payment of affectations of goods other than land such as albarradas, fruit trees, fences, among others.

The way in which they will proceed house by house to verify the effects of goods other than land and pay according to the law was explained in detail.

At the assembly, Fonatur Tren Maya staff explained that the amount that was paid to the ejidal commissioner months ago corresponds to an aerial verification that was made and the appraisal dictated by the Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets (Indaabin).

With the Maya Train Project, the Maxcanú municipality inhabitants will benefit from the generation of jobs in different branches and from the economic detonation of the region.

Fonatur is committed to serving those ejidatarios who present a concern through designated mechanisms such as the ejidal assemblies.