PROGRESO, Yucatán. – The drivers of vehicles that were traveling on the Chicxulub Puerto bypass had to stop so as not to run over a group of flamingos that were walking on that busy road.

Aspects of the colorful show, a group of flamingos invaded the Progreso-Chicxulub bypass, this Sunday, October 11, 2020.- (Photo: Gabino Tzec Valle)

Disoriented and in search of food due to the fact that the birds’ nesting area is flooded by the recent rains and rising seas, they left the mangroves and the estuary and moved to the roadside in search of small fish to eat.

But as the birds leave the lagoon from the rowing and cabotage track and from the swamp mangroves and onto the road, the noise of cars and horns scares them, they accelerate their pace with long strides and they move away.

The drivers stopped their vehicles, got out, and with cell phones in hand took photos and recorded videos.

The Sunday morning show attracted many curious, because it is a novelty in this port, it is the first time that flamingos invade the city forced to leave their habitat that is flooded and they have no food.

In a hurry, some drivers chase the birds away so that they return to the mangroves and the estuary, but more flamingos continue to arrive at the bypass and also walk along the entrance road to the city.

A lonely flamenco, desperately looking for his group, the leader’s squawks alert him, he runs and flies to meet his fellow birds.

That is the colorful Sunday show that takes place along the seven kilometers of the Progreso – Chicxulub bypass.