First day in six months with zero Covid-19 deaths officially registered in Yucatán

Six months and 12 days after the first death from Covid-19 was registered in Yucatan, Thursday, October 15th, was the first day without an official report of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic in the State.

However, the infections did continue in Yucatán. According to the State Health Secretariat, on Thursday, October 15th, a total of 107 new cases of coronavirus were detected, most of them in Mérida, with 62; followed by 11 in Valladolid, 7 in Tizimín, 6 in Chemax, 5 in Chichimilá and Progreso, 2 in Motul and Peto, and 1 in Buctzotz, Chankom, Kanasín, Maxcanú, Ticul, Tinum, and Yaxkukul.

The number of deaths in the State was 2,404 due to the coronavirus. 

173 COVID-19 patients are held in the public hospitals as of Thursday, October 15th.

The agency announced that the indicators of the state health traffic light mark orange and some services of the economy will be opened.

As of Thursday, October 15th, a total of 5,514 new infections and 387 deaths were registered nationwide, bringing the country to 834,910 cases and 85,285 deaths since the start of the pandemic at the end of February. 

Accumulated cases had a percentage increase of 0.66% and deaths, 0.45%.



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