Erratic tropical storm Gamma moves away from Yucatan… but will return tomorrow!

MÉRIDA; YUCATAN (October 5, 2020).- Tropical Storm Gamma continues to move slowly north of the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula and is located 305 km northeast of Progreso, according to the most recent report from the Miami National Hurricane Center.

Its maximum sustained winds remain at 95 km / h and it is moving east at 4 km / h, but it is expected to turn towards the southwest approaching the Yucatan Peninsula again.

According to the updated trajectory, the erratic Gamma would “pinch” peninsular land at some point on the northwest coast of Yucatán and would advance south towards the shores of Campeche, where it would enter the mainland.

Again it would go out to sea at some point on the Yucatecan coast to look again for the Gulf of Mexico and head north, already with a much faster movement.

The Mexican government has issued a tropical storm watch from Progreso to Campeche. There is a tropical storm warning from Cancun to Dzilam Bravo.

According to reports from a hurricane chaser plane, the tropical storm is currently moving at 4 km / h. Gamma is forecast to gradually turn to the southwest today Monday, October 5th, and move slowly in that direction until the middle of the week.

In the forecast trajectory, the center of Gamma will border the Yucatecan coast on Monday and Tuesday.

The winds with tropical storm intensity extend up to 260 km from its center.