DIF Yucatán delivers 1.5 tons of food to families affected by Hurricane Delta

In compliance with Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal’s commitment to providing timely and quality care to the affected population after the floods caused by Hurricane Delta, the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) Yucatán has redoubled its actions for food security at the Mérida and Tizimín municipalities.

The director of the social assistance agency, María Cristina Castillo Espinosa, pointed out that the Yucatecans have the support of the State Government since the necessary work is being carried out to support the towns most affected by the floods so that they can have the services they require to get ahead.

“DIF Yucatán is an ally of families, for this reason, we have delivered more than 600 kilos of food such as chicken meat, vegetables, rice, beans and other inputs to the six provisional community kitchens that were installed in the Komchén police stations, Cosgaya and Noc Ac to provide quality food to the population that needs it most, ” she said.

She stressed that only in Komchén, where four spaces of this type were arranged, operated by volunteers from the same community, 299 people are served daily with the delivery of food. In total, 265 kilograms of food, 200 liters of purified water, hygiene supplies for the prevention of Covid-19 and three wheelchairs for people with disabilities have been distributed.

With regard to Cosgaya, where a community kitchen was installed, 162 kilograms of food and 200 liters of purified water were provided to assist the population affected by the floods in a timely manner.

“We are very clear that food is the basis for a healthier society and it is at this time when quality food is most needed to get ahead,” said Castillo Espinosa.

Also, in that locality, Jorge Narciso Ale Chi was provided with a mattress and adult diapers, the man lost the mobility of his body after an accident.

While in Noc Ac, 187 kilograms of food, 200 liters of purified water, supplies for the prevention of Covid-19, and medicines were distributed. In the community dining room, 150 people are attended daily.

In addition to this support, in Tizimín actions have been redoubled to provide quality food to the families affected after the passage of Hurricane Delta. In El Cuyo, as promised by the Governor, a provisional community kitchen was installed to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to 450 inhabitants. Up to that point on the Yucatecan coast, 950 kilograms of food has been distributed.

In turn, at the Xpambihá and Chenkekén rural communities, people from the DIF Yucatán provided 139 families with food packages, blankets, purified water, and eggs. With these actions, the State Government reaffirms its commitment to provide timely care to the population that needs it most.