Chihuahua, the first state to return to red on the epidemiological traffic light

Javier Corral Jurado, governor of Chihuahua, reported at a press conference that this entity in the north of the country returns to the red color of the epidemiological traffic light as of Friday, October 23, given the rebound in active cases of coronavirus ( COVID-19 ), numbers of people hospitalized and deaths from this disease, in addition to the fear that health centers will be overwhelmed during the health emergency.

Wearing a face mask, the governor of Chihuahua commented that this decision was adopted to ” take care of lives and protect the health of citizens”; He did not specify how much it will delay the red of the epidemiological traffic light, since “it will depend on all the Chihuahuan society to overcome this situation“.

Some of the measures that will be taken in Chihuahua are:

  • Fines will be applied to people who do not wear a mask
  • There will be “dry law” throughout the state, Thursday through Sunday.
  • Activities will be suspended again and capacity control at public points.
  • There will be a “fine and arrest” for those who hold parties: “that has been one of the main sources of the increase in infections .”
  • Surveillance and sanction operation of public transport and the transport of workers.
  • From Monday to Wednesday, “the restriction of hours until six in the afternoon will be restored .”
  • Traffic officers will fine people who drive vehicles with more than two passengers.
  • Vigilance Committee will sanction clandestine facilities that promote congregations of any kind.