Another cyclone could be taking shape in the Caribbean

Yucatan, Mexico (October 30, 2020).- Conditions are increasingly favorable for a new tropical depression to form in the Caribbean, which could occur in the next few hours, according to the weather forecast monitoring in the tropics.

In its report at 8 in the morning, the NOAA reports that the downpour activity associated with a tropical wave continues to be better organized in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Conditions are favorable for further development and
a tropical depression is likely to form this weekend or early next week.

The probability of cyclonic development at 48 hours is high, 70 percent, and at five days, very high, 80 percent.

According to the forecasts, regardless of its cyclonic development, this system advances towards the Central American zone, which frees Yucatán, at least for now, from a possible impact.

The Yucatan Peninsula is just recovering from Hurricane Zeta earlier this week, and from the impacts of Tropical Storm Gamma and Hurricane Delta, earlier this October.

Source: NOAA

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