AMLO admits that he is tested for COVID-19 once a week

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced this Monday, October 20th, that his COVID-19 test is carried out every week and that it is generally done on Tuesdays.

“I usually do a test, weekly, to be sure, especially not to infect anyone. I usually get tested on Tuesdays,” AMLO said.

When questioned, during his morning conference about the meeting he had on Friday with the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, who this weekend tested positive for COVID-19, López Obrador pointed out that he takes care of himself, keeps a healthy distance, and that he does not have had absolutely any symptoms such as a cough, fever, or body aches.

He added that between six and eight COVID-19 tests have been performed on him lately.

AMLO asks the population not to “lower their guard” in the face of COVID-19 and recalled that this is a very dangerous disease that causes a lot of damage and pain, which especially attacks those who are older or have other health conditions.

He reiterated that people have to take care of themselves, and follow all the measures recommended by specialists and experts.

He stressed that several members of his cabinet have already suffered from COVID-19.

“Some have hit very hard, others not so hard, but they are all coming out of this situation,” AMLO said.

He stated that he has communication with Admiral Rafael Ojeda and that he is well, as he has no problems.

Finally, AMLO recalled that he was with Ojeda on Friday, in addition to the fact that they meet every day at the Security meeting, but as they keep a healthy distance, there is no contagion.



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