American actor Matt Dillon premieres his documentary about the life of “El Gran Fellove”

Photo: Jacobo Braun

With the documentary “El gran Fellove” American actor Matt Dillon, famous for his performances in movies such as “There’s something about Mary”, will make his directorial debut at the Morelia Film Festival (FICM), after having presented it in San Sebastián.

“In Morelia, it will be like a homecoming from the movie because where it all really began was in Mexico for Fellove, that’s where they nicknamed as ‘El gran Fellove’, and by the end of his life he was a Mexican citizen and all Cubans who live in our country agree that Mexico is a land of promise. 

El Gran Fellove (Photo: Jacobo Braun)

For him, Mexico was his home so we are going to bring this film back to his home, ” Matt Dillon told the Latin American media.

The project, which deals with the life of the Cuban musician, discovered by Dillon in the late 90s in a vinyl store in Havana, includes the American producer Jonathan Gray and the Mexican Carlos Sosa and Cristina Velasco.