Activists highlight the need to have a wildlife clinic in Yucatán

Animalists found a flamingo with a fractured wing on the coast

The association Proyecto Santa María pointed out to the authorities the need for a wildlife clinic in Yucatan, a demand that they assure has not been heard. This after finding a flamingo with a fractured wing on the north coast of the state.

On their Facebook page, the animalists detailed that, while they were reincorporating a bird in the aforementioned area, “with great frustration we saw a flamingo with a fractured wing, apparently due to strong winds.”

“The first thing that comes to mind is to help her, but then the concern: there are no resources, who will support us? The legal implications of transporting that specimen and many other factors involved, that do not allow activists to help those specimens in misfortune, “they said.

Despite the foregoing, the members of Proyecto Santa María tried to give the necessary help to the flamenco, but it was impossible since the birds got into the water and took shelter on an island.

In this sense, they urged the corresponding authorities to promote the construction of a clinic for wildlife in Yucatan, since they receive reports of fauna in problems every day; and that they cannot always attend due to lack of resources.

“98 percent of the time we have to cover all the expenses of our pocket, something that is impossible to sustain. A few days ago we saw the inauguration of a clinic with an investment of more than eight million pesos, exclusively for captive animals at the Centenario Zoo, something without a doubt very good, but what about the wildlife? ”.

“The question is: who is responsible for watching over our wildlife? Maybe no one will raise their hand “, Proyecto Santa María concluded.