70-year-old Texas man who lived alone in Progreso found dead in his home

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

YUCATÁN.- A senior citizen was found lifeless this Tuesday, September 29th, inside his apartment in the Ismael García neighborhood, in Progreso.

He was identified as STJ, 70, originally from Texas, and lived alone in his condo. His body was found by his niece LJM, who reported that they had not seen him since last September 25th.

YOn Wednesday, when they went to see him around noon, they received no response, so they requested support from the administrator of the building to be able to open the door, and upon entering, they found him already dead.

His body was swollen and he had a blow to the right side of his head. Her niece reported that he suffered from diabetes and hypertension.

The next of kin notified the authorities, who went to the scene for the corresponding tasks, and the body was taken to the Centro Médico Forense (SEMEFO).