100 new cases of COVID-19 detected in Yucatán

There were 11 deaths due to the virus, totaling 2,368 in the state

In the medical part of this Friday, October 9th, 100 new coronavirus infections and 11 deaths from the virus were registered in the state of Yucatan.

Of the deaths, five are men and six women, in an age range between 33 to 89 years, whose main diseases were: Immunosuppression, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, asthma, obesity, and kidney failure. In total, there are 2,368 people who have died from the coronavirus so far in the state.

The new cases registered are 42 in Mérida; 21 in Valladolid; six in Tizimín; five in Chemax; four in Kanasín; three in Peto, Progreso and Tekax; two in Teya; two foreigners; and one in Akil, Baca, Hoctún, Maxcanú, Motul, Panabá, Ticul, Tixkokob and Umán.

Specifically, in Mérida 10,919 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus, of which 2,953 reside in the North zone; 3,107 in the East zone; thousand 081 in the downtown area; 1,523 in the South zone; and 2 thousand 255 in the Poniente area.

It was detailed that in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily income. Today 149 patients are registered in public hospitals; 16,050 patients have already recovered, they do not present symptoms or can infect. This figure represents 83 percent of the total registered infections, which are 19,308.

Of the positive cases, 180 are from another country or state. Of the active cases, 741 are stable, isolated, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms.

The age range of cases is from 1 month to 99 years.

The indicators of the state health traffic light are orange.