Woman commits suicide after murdering her 4-year-old son in Mérida

MÉRIDA, Yuc., September 1, 2020- A tragic event occurred this Monday night, as it was reported that a woman murdered her 4-year-old son and then took her own life by hanging in a property located in the northeast of the state capital.

The events occurred around 9:00 p.m. when a man arrived at his house located on Calle 63-A between 52 and 54, in the Magnolias de Chuburná subdivision, and called for his wife to open the gate, but not to get an answer, he jumped up and entered the premises.

Unfortunately, upon entering he was tragically surprised when he saw his hanged wife through a window and the dead 4-year-old son in bed.

As he could, he entered the house and took the minor’s body out onto the street asking for help, thinking that he was still alive.

State authorities arrived at the place, who cordoned off the area while waiting for officers of the prosecution to collect data on the events, after confirming the homicide of a child.

Likewise, hours later, the forensic services arrived to remove the bodies and carry out the required autopsy.

Relatives who arrived at the scene commented that the woman was receiving psychiatric medical attention, since she presented mental problems and bipolarity.

It should be remembered that just last June, on a property in the Terranova subdivision, a minor under 13 stabbed his parents while they slept.

Fortunately, the couple did not lose their lives.

The teenager was arrested and faces his process under house arrest at his paternal grandmother’s house.