What will happen to TikTok after Trump’s ban?

The United States will restrict the use of Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat starting Sunday.

UNITED STATES (Agencies) – From this Sunday, it will be prohibited to download the TikTok and WeChat applications in the United States and, according to the Trump administration, because these apps represent national risk security.

For some months now, Trump has led a trade war against China, which is how companies such as Huawei and now TikTok were affected.

Several US influencers asked the US government to stop any attack against TikTok because this is their way of working and generating income, but what will happen from this Sunday?

What will happen to TikTok in the United States?
If the blockade against the Chinese application is finalized, from Sunday, it will be withdrawn from all stores such as the App Store and Play Store, so that it can no longer be downloaded in case of new users.

However, the app will remain on the devices of its users and continue to work. The momentary restrictions will only prevent the app from being updated.

Failure to update the application is risky as an old application could have vulnerabilities that affect the cellular equipment or even user data privacy and confidentiality.

Some experts comment that these restrictions will create a ‘black market’ where updates to the widespread application are distributed.

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