“We have the worst government at the worst time.” – Coparmex after AMLO’s Second Government Report

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – The president of the Mexican Republic’s Employers’ Confederation (Coparmex), Gustavo de Hoyos Walther, said that the health and economic crisis in Mexico shows that “we have the worst government at the worst time,” contrary to what was assured in the message by the Second Government Report.

The leader of the employers’ union said in a video conference that the message of President López Obrador “seemed more ‘morning’ of long duration without questions.

De Hoyos Walther revealed that he was expecting proposals to face the health and economic crisis from the COVID-19, but he passed “without any shame or glory, there is no new approach that deserves a greater comment”.

In this government, although the generality is very bad, unlike what the President said today, I maintain that we have the worst government at the worst time, but there are valuable people within it and we have to build with them,” he said.

He accused the federal government of preferring to take care of its mega-projects and leave companies and workers without support, which shows that the President is not capable of “ordering investment priorities according to the challenges of the country.



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