Two women found dead in Mérida in separate incidents


The State Attorney General’s Office learned of the death of two women, whose bodies were found by their respective homes; in events recorded in the municipalities of Kanasín and Mérida.

In the first case, a 17-year-old boy requested the support of the police near a grocery store; located on Calle 61 between 46 and 46A in the Reparto Granjas neighborhood.

The young man informed the officers that he found his girlfriend hanging from the neck inside a bathroom, for which he asked for their support. Upon arriving at the home, the agents requested the help of the paramedics, who when assessing Llany LCQ confirmed that she no longer had vital signs.

The place was cordoned off and later the Public Ministry was in charge of carrying out the corresponding procedures.

A decomposing body

The second case took place on Calle 19 between 60 and 62 in Colonia Jardines de Mérida. The woman’s body was found in a state of decomposition.

Apparently this death was due to pathological causes. However, the FGE learned to rule out the possibility of any type of crime.




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