Truck carrying fuel explodes in Tabasco

The explosion of a truck (pipe) that was transporting fuel on the Comalcalco – Paraíso highway left four people dead, state authorities reported, managing to control the fire, but the road had to be closed to avoid more victims.

Through his Twitter account, the governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López Hernández, reported that this accident left four victims, including the driver of the unit, stating that agents of the State Civil Protection Institute were already there, and everything was under control.

“Accident of a fuel tanker, in the La Raya ranch, Comalcalco-Paraíso highway, the pipe exploded, the fire is under control. Unfortunately, the driver of the pipe, the driver of another vehicle, and 2 people who were at the scene died. Supporting Civil Protection ”, explained the Tabasco president.

According to the first reports, three private vehicles were involved in addition to the truck that was transporting fuel, so no more victims are ruled out in this accident that occurred this morning.

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