The most popular European royal houses on social networks

On the occasion of the 48th birthday of Queen Letizia of Spain, a study of the 10 European royal houses social media was carried out. 

Together they add 23.6 million followers. The only one that does not yet have a social media presence is the Liechtenstein dynasty.

Members of the British monarchy are true influencers. This family has 18.3 million followers on their social networks: 8.2 million on Instagram, 5.1 million on Facebook, 4.2 million on Twitter and 654 thousand on their YouTube channel.

Second is the Dutch Royal House. Of her 1.4 million followers, 719 thousand people are watching her publications on Instagram, 339 thousand on Facebook, 331 thousand on Twitter and just over 24 thousand on YouTube.

The Spanish royal family is the third most popular in Europe: almost 1.1 million people follow it on Twitter and YouTube. Although their presence on social networks has grown in recent years, they still do not have official profiles on Instagram or Facebook. 

Their Twitter account, with 1.08 million followers, is the second most followed account of a European royal house on that platform. On YouTube, they have just over 89 thousand subscribers. 

Her most popular video, uploaded in February 2019, has 4 million views and summarizes her presence at a gala dinner hosted by the King of Morocco.