The height of fanaticism: Member of AMLO’s political party seeks to change the name of Tabasco’s state.

Member of Morena seeks to change the state name to
“Tabasco de Lopez Obrador.”

VILLAHERMOSA Tabasco (Times Media Mexico) – Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, aspiring national leader of Morena, announced that he would present a proposal to the entity’s local congress to carry out a consultation and change the name of the state to “Tabasco de López Obrador.”

He wants AMLO to be governor of Tabasco.
During a proselytizing tour, the also substitute senator for Morena explained that he would present this constitutional reform initiative to the next local legislature, which also includes the possibility that once the mandate of the president of the Republic ends, Andrés Manuel López Obrador may participate as a candidate for governor in his homeland. “I have already reinforced the proposal, I want that after President Lopez Obrador’s mandate ends, the people of Tabasco make a consultation and ask the people of Tabasco if they would like Tabasco to be called ‘Tabasco de Lopez Obrador,’ as well as Puebla de Zaragoza,” he indicated.

He said that this entity’s citizens should feel proud to have a president who is originally from this land. He proposed that the consultation is after 2024, affirming that it would be with the new congress members since the current ones received a line and did not consider his proposal made since last year.

Alejandro Rojas Diaz, affirmed that the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, at the end of his mandate will still have the strength to continue helping the Southeast of the country, “he already wants to leave, but we must ask the people of Tabasco the same and if they want him as governor,” he concluded.