Teenager shots a man who was arguing with his father in Dzilam de Bravo

DZILAM DE BRAVO, YUCATAN (September 2, 2020).— The discussion over old quarrels between two adults ended with one of them seriously injured, when a minor, the son of one of them, took part in the discussion and fired a pistol to defend his father.

The events were recorded at 6 in the afternoon on Tuesday, September 1st. on 15th Street, in the west of Dzilam de Bravo.

Efrén Pastrana (aka) “Mino” arrived at the house of Antonio González, also known as “ El Pulpo”, with whom he has old quarrels, and started an argument.

When Mino was arguing over the theft of a ladder and a motorcycle, that was the moment when “El Pulpo’s” minor son drew a gun and shot Pastrana twice; one of the impacts hit the victim in the forehead.

“Mino”, who was badly wounded, remained to lie in the street and his neighbors reported the incident to the Police.

Police officers arrived at the property, as well as paramedics, who took the injured man to a clinic in Mérida.

At the port, agents of the SSP began with the corresponding procedures for the determination of responsibilities.