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Submission… and gradually, we got used to it. Op-Ed

by Yucatan Times
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“First, they take you by the mind and then by the stomach,”
wrote a Venezuelan.

A few days ago, we received a writing from a Venezuelan person who complained about what happened to them in their country. We could not help but to see our Mexico reflected in those lines written with pain and courage. Here is an excerpt from that text.

“One day, some years ago, the late President Chávez said a rude thing on open TV. In the beginning, perhaps many were scandalized, but they said to themselves, “Well, leave it like that… it is his personality. You have to get used to it…” And so began a long and vicious circle. As in a dirty boxing match a series of low blows began, almost invisible, but without us realizing it they were training our will to a progressive submission state.

Oil began to be given to Cuba and Bolivia, Cubans began to arrive, and we Venezuelans got used to it. We first saw several companies close. In the beginning, we were uneasy, but as time went by, we got used to it. Then they began to expropriate companies, farms, buildings, and first it was a scandal but we got used to it. Some people tried to behave like the brave dog that shows its teeth and barks, so the state, which knows it owns the dog, beat it, both figuratively and realistically, and that brave dog stopped being so.

Thus the process continued. Journalists were censored, taken out of the media, radio and television stations were closed. We Venezuelans got used to it. Without realizing that accepting small losses would leave us anesthetized, and with that, they were preparing the ground to break us with even more significant losses.

One day they closed down Radio Caracas Television -RCTV- The dog growled and barked again, but the owner of the red beret showed him the stick, and the brave dog was no longer fearless. He lowered his head and stopped barking.

Little by little, the internet began to fail, then it became frequent until it stopped. We started to run out of phone and cell phone coverage, slowly, equally, little by little, like when you turn off a water tap, and we got used to it. Suddenly, we realized that there was no more sugar on the market shelf one day, we were momentarily uneasy? We smiled and said, “well, what else, it will pass, this must be momentary. We’ll take the coffee without sugar “… except that it started to happen the same way with the canned tuna, with the eggs, the flour, the chicken, and the medicines. That’s how we get used to having nothing.

Suddenly, on the edge of the abyss, they began to bring us boxes of food and the one who one day was the brave dog, began to wag his tail with joy because at least once a month, the owner of the red beret would put a box of food on the door. We got used to them bringing us the food and eating what they wanted, when, and how much they wanted.

One day without realizing it, we had to queue up to buy food and then to buy gas, water, gasoline, and we got used to a lot of things that I wouldn’t finish counting”.

Sociologically this has a name: “INDUCED SUBMISSION.” It is a process of years where the people are “trained.” Their will is prepared to be manageable to everything, just as Fidel did in Cuba.

Today, AMLO’s administration is trying to do the same with Mexico. López Obrador and his “4t” are trying to lead the Mexicans by the hand into an “induced submission” under the figure of a “brave” leader who “fights” against corruption. In exchange, he has ordered journalists to be silenced, has denied the opening and operation of companies, and governs with “ochlocracy,” which is making believe the masses, of the “Populus” they are the ones in command. It is perhaps one of the quickest ways of falling into a degeneration of democracy.

Our freedom today depends on our courage, on raising our voices, on not allowing indoctrination of children and young people, on preventing Castro-Chavista socialists like Fernández Noroña or Yeidkol Polevsky and other “4t” henchmen from taking over our country.

We must wake up from the illusion created by López Obrador that he would change the country when all he has done is destroy it with the help of his followers. Not to do so will be the fall of our country.

López Obrador hates businessmen because they are the ones who generate wealth. The generation of wealth means that people need the state little. That is what this government does not want. On the contrary, it enjoys an ignorant, poor, and submissive people.

How can we forget the statements of Yeidckol Polevnsky, former leader of Morena, the party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador? “When you take people out of poverty and into the middle class, they forget where they come from,” Polevnsky said.

Now, as we write these lines, there are still cases of children without cancer drugs, insulin for diabetics, and a host of other medicines missing from public hospitals, something that did not happen in “corrupt neoliberal governments”.

Indeed there was corruption, have no doubt, but people were not dying for lack of medicines or doctors were dying for lack of common supplies. The economy continues to sink, and difficult times lie ahead. We will have to ask ourselves if we will let ourselves be taken by the mind and then taken by the stomach until submission.

To this day, one thing is clear. López Obrador’s “peace” has left more deaths than Felipe Calderón’s war, and Peña Nieto’s corruption has turned out to be cheaper than Andrés Manuel’s “honesty.”

For Times Media Mexico
The Yucatan Times – Editorial Board
Merida Yucatan, Mexico

The Yucatan Times editorial board is made up of a group of 9 people from different nationalities and backgrounds,  who are selected due to their trajectory and objectivity.

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