Subject arrested while walking the streets of Merida with no clothes on

A 23-year-old man, who apparently suffers from mental illness, was arrested in the streets of the Juan Pablo II subdivision because he was walking completely naked, in addition to attacking the SSP agents who initially approached him to see if had a problem.

The events took place on Saturday, September 12th, in the corner of Calle 22 and 47 in ​​western Mérida. Police officers detected a man who, without any clothes on was walking around the place looking at his cellphone just like that, so they approached him aboard a patrol car to find out what was happening.

However, prompted by some people who were nearby, the subject attacked the uniformed and then took off running, he was arrested two blocks away with the support of civilians.

When he was taken to public jail, he said he was 23 years old, identified himself, and said that he lived near Juan Pablo.

It was later confirmed that the young man suffers from a mental health problem.