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Smile Yucatan, a local proposal for the world

by Yucatan Times
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“Smile Yucatan” -Smile Yucatan- is a strategy to boost local businesses by creating a gift box with the state’s emblematic products.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (Press Release) – Local companies have the opportunity to market their goods globally, via digital platforms, thanks to the project “Sonríe Yucatán,” -Smile Yucatán- which consists of preparing a gift box with seven emblematic products of the state, this as part of the economic recovery plan promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

The “Sonríe Yucatan” project consists of preparing a gift box with seven products emblematic of the state, as part of the economic recovery plan promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.
During the social network presentation of this initiative, the general director of the Yucatan Institute of Entrepreneurs (IYEM), Antonio Gonzalez Blanco, said that this project is a sample of what characterizes the State Government in support of entrepreneurship and business promotion, which helps families improve their quality of life.

He also recognized the participating brands since they will put the name of Yucatan high. Simultaneously, with this strategy, they have one more distribution channel to improve their income and get ahead despite the health contingency.

In this first phase, each package will contain the most popular dish of the region: the cochinita pibil, as well as a craft beer, coconut oil, a macha sauce and another of habanero chile, honey, and a “yucabulario,” so that people know and understand the unique way us, the Yucatecans speaking and express ourselves.

The official recalled that, as part of these actions, 23 million pesos had been allocated to the Business and Craft Activation Program, of which 60 percent are women heads of household, in addition to the approval of more than 21 million pesos for MicroYuc loans, which provide working capital to businesses to continue operations.

In the Yucatan, we enjoy an enormous cultural and historical heritage; that’s why we have a living culture that, through a transfer of knowledge between generations, has managed to preserve traditions and transform artisanal products, which will now be able to reach the entire world, said the official.

In her turn, the Coordination of International Affairs of the State Government, Ariadne Morales Acevedo, highlighted that the pandemic stopped trade, economy, and tourism. Still, at the same time, she presented a new project that alters the way we develop, live together, and live. This initiative undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity for local companies to promote their products.

To face the pandemic, the world has found, in the union and international cooperation, tools to reduce the economic and social impact, so that sharing the best of Mexico and Yucatan with the world allows us to face global challenges and grow, he continued.

He explained that a box of “Sonrie Yucatan” helps businesses increase their sales and work to dozens of people, who strive to create these emblematic products every day. He explained that 52 jobs depend directly on these businesses and 100 indirectly, which are part of this first stage.

In his speech, the strategic partner for Global e-Commerce of Grupo Alibaba, Andrés Díaz Bedolla, mentioned that they are committed to bringing together the platforms and tools necessary to guarantee the success of the project, which will allow the evolution of local businesses towards the digital economy, giving them more tools to grow.

“In difficult times is when we Mexicans take out the caste, and that is what they are doing now,” he said. “Smile Yucatan” is a project promoted by a group of young people who seeks to revive local businesses and companies’ economy within the initiative “Smile Mexico.” In the entity, the State Government reaches out to local companies to join and thus improve their sales and quality of life.

On behalf of the participating firms, Ileana Reyes, from Donia Way, and Fernando Méndez, from Esmeralda Brewing, thanked the State Government, represented by the Coordination of International Affairs and IYEM, for the opportunity to be part of this gift box, which calls to enjoy the essence and passion of Yucatan.

It was explained that, if more than two thousand units are sold, the project will continue, and the products in the package will be changed, so more local companies will be able to join; in this sense, González Blanco invited to nominate some iconic merchandise of the region in the site sonriemexico.com, so that this benefit reaches more people.

With projects of this type, the entrepreneurial dynamism that characterizes the country is demonstrated; therefore, we call on all Yucatecans to encourage them to generate plans of this nature, which will add to the state’s economic reactivation and promote local consumption, concluded the official.

With a box of “Sonríe Yucatán,” help is given to the entity’s families that depend on the businesses involved.

For more information, the page sonriemexico.com and the initiative’s social networks, such as the Instagram @sonriemexicomx, are available.

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