VALLADOLID.— Tired that several robberies have been committed in the house-room due to their course, residents of Calle 39 between 24 and 26 of the Military neighborhood, detained and beat up a subject identified as Miguel PT, after being caught stealing a bicycle, owned by Enrique DP

According to data obtained, on Wednesday, September 16th, Miguel PT entered a property and seized a bicycle, taking advantage of the fact that the owner of the vehicle, Enrique DP, was inside his house.

However, next-door neighbors noticed the theft, and one of them immediately began to chase the thief, until he caught up with him, lowered him from the bike, and took him back to the house where he had committed the robbery.

The other residents immediately beat him to the ground, until they threw him to the ground, where they kept kicking him fiercely because, they say, this is not the first time he’s been caught stealing.

After leaving him on the street, they held him until they themselves called the police and handed him over to be imprisoned and proceeded against him.

In the Municipal Police Staton, authorities said that charges must be pressed otherwise the man walks out in 36 hours.

Regarding the blows that were inflicted on him, the neighbors argued that the injuries he suffered were because he fell off the bicycle when he was being pursued.

“He fell right on his face” one of the residents told the police.