Police brutality in Mérida? (VIDEO)

An alleged 11-year-old girl was arrested in the historic center of Mérida by municipal police officers, according to witnesses, the officers brutally took her away.

In a video posted on social networks, a young girl is seen hanging on to one of the new flowerpots recently installed in the downtown area, while municipal police officers strugled to get her into a patrol car.

In the video, the witness who shared the event assures that the young woman is a minor, that she is 11 years old, and that she was taken away for unknown reasons and with excessive use of force.

Although it is not possible to see why she is being arrested, the minor can be heard shouting that “she was not doing anything”, while the screams of the witnesses discredited the work of the officers.

In the clip, which lasts approximately 1 minute, the police agents can be heard telling the girl not to “exaggerate”, saying that they were just going to call her parents.

The reasons for the detention are still unknown, and the municipal police have not released any information concerning this matter so far, nor have they explained about the alleged mistreatment of the minor.

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