Nicolás Maduro said that Trump “approved” his assassination

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the US President Donald Trump approved his murder, now there is a search for snipers who can do it.

“I was the victim of the most brutal aggression. The US government … offered $ 15 million for my head. Donald Trump approved my murder, I’m not exaggerating, and they are trying to send a group of snipers or hire snipers in Venezuela to kill me. Donald Trump has decided this, ” he wrote on Twitter.

In the spring of this year, the US Justice Department released charges against Maduro and 14 other leaders of the country, claiming that they were involved in drug trafficking. The State Department announced a $ 15 million reward for Maduro.

The Venezuelan President has repeatedly accused the US of an assassination attempt. According to him, several attempts were prevented in 2019, which were organized in Colombia with the approval of Washington.

Also, Maduro accused former US national security adviser John Bolton of the August 4 assassination attempt. Then, during the parade in Caracas, several drones with explosives went to the podium where the President was. Seven guards were injured in the assassination attempt on Maduro, and the head of the state was not injured.


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