Mexico assured Coronavirus vaccines for 25 million people

“Mexico assured the World Health Organization (WHO) that 25 million people will receive vaccines against the Coronavirus, “as a first step of the many that will have to be given”, to ensure universal and free access to those who need”, said José Luis Alomía, director-general of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (SSA).

“One of the main requirements that the country must have is to ensure a specific proportion for its population. In this case, Mexico is ensuring, through Covax, 25 million vaccines or rather, 25 million people who can be vaccinated, regardless of whether the development of the vaccine says that one dose or two doses would be enough, we are talking about people who could be vaccinated ”, he reported.

“This will be done through the Global Access platform for the Covid-19 Vaccine (Covax), but it does not limit that direct purchases can be made with other developers or pharmaceutical companies since the idea is to have the greatest amount of open doors, including Covax so that in due course Mexico can have all the necessary vaccines to protect its population,” José Luis Alomía concluded.