Merida man prosecuted for family violence against his own sister

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- A man was arrested for the crime of family violence against his own sister, whom he attacked a few days ago at the victim’s home.

The events occurred on September 19, when the accused arrived at his sister’s home and demanded food and refreshment, but since the woman took too long, the subject threw a cell phone at her with the intention of hurting her, and not complying with that, he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her.

The woman left her house and asked for help from SSP police officers who arrested the subject and turned him over to the Prosecutor’s Office for the integration of the investigation file that led to the criminal case that now has him before the judge.

The Second Control Judge decreed the order to be linked to the process, in addition to granting a period of four months for the closure of the complementary investigation.

Finally, the precautionary measure imposed during the initial hearing was ratified, which is preventive detention for the entire time that the process lasts, so the accused will remain deprived of his liberty until his legal situation is defined by the alleged facts.