Mérida families celebrate Independence Day at home

Families of Mérida celebrated the Cry of Independence with small gatherings.

Families all over Mérida commemorated the Cry of Independence with meetings at home due to the health contingency.

Last night, different neighborhoods across Mérida registered little movement of people celebrating the 210th anniversary of the Mexican Independence.

The semi-empty streets looked unusually quiet due to restrictions on mobility. The lack of decorations alluding to national holidays was observed not only in the downtown area but all over the city, a situation that gave a different perspective to the national independence celebrations.

Some families living in Yucatán indicated that during the last hours of September 15 and the first hours of September 16 they missed the interaction with close friends and family that usually takes place on this date.

They commented that they did miss the reunion with the whole family, but this year they will settle for the photos that are shared in social media
groups. Of course, the traditional menu, in this case, pozole, could not be missed.

For many Mérida residents, due to the whole COVID-19 pandemic situation, all the restrictions this date also served “to get out of the routine of the

“It serves in a certain way to relax us from everything that is happening,” said a young man from Merida in an interview with local newspaper POR ESTO.