Man goes berserk and starts beating up elderly woman in a Campeche church (VIDEO)

CAMPECHE (September 23, 2020).- In an event never seen before and that has generated the indignation of the Campeche population, a subject attacked three women who were attending mass inside the Christian Sanctuary of San Román, generating panic among the parishioners and priests who could not do anything to stop the aggression.

The incident on September 22nd, shortly after noon when the subject, identified as Luis L., a former reporter for a digital media, entered the Church of San Román during the 12 o’clock mass. There, after wandering through the corridors, he stood with his back to the altar, and suddenly, without further notice, he started punching a woman who was praying in the first pews.

Faced with the chaos, another elderly woman who was sitting behind the victim tried to move away, but was hit by the subject who pulled her by the hair to throw her on the floor and hit her repeatedly.

According to witnesses, the individual also beat another woman, but a video released by the church administration only observed the assault on two.

After the beating, and despite the fact that no parishioner intervened to detain him, the subject, who according to close relatives, had already been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic, remained at the scene until State Police officers arrived who detained him and transferred him to the State Attorney General’s Office.

According to the statement made by the agressor, he lost track of time and suffered an emotional crisis that made him act that way. In fact, he stated that he was “lost.”

Videos of the moment of the beating and the uproar in the church, and the subsequent arrest of the individual, were published by the communicator Leonor Presuel Mena, from Televisión y Radio de Campeche.