Man arrested in Kinchil, Yucatan as he threatened store owner with a knife

Kinchil, Yucatan (September 16).- Carlos Q.P., 26 years old (aka “El Gusanito”), under the influence of alcohol went into a grocery store on Calle 16 (between 27 and 29) of this municipality, where he was caught eating a pack of cookies, and when the owner asked him to pay for the cookies, he threatened him with a knife.

“El Gusanito” is widely known in town as a drunk. and beside, he went into the store by Mrs. Fátima Aguayo Cuytún without observing the necessary sanitary measures, that is to say, without a face mask

Kinchil is located 60 kilometers (43 miles) west of Merida (INEGI)

When he was caught by the owner literally “swallowing” the cookies, he refused to pay for them, got angry, and took out a knife that he had concealed under his shirt. Given this situation, Fatima quickly called the Municipal Police.

Finally, the municipal agents led by Commander Guillermo Quiroz Llanes managed to arrest the thief, and transferred him to a detention facility in this community to define responsibilities and proceed legally against him.