“Lord Pizza” man who refused to wear face mask beats up worker at pizza place (VIDEO)

We must all do our part to reduce Covid-19 infections, however, there are people who simply do not understand that it is necessary to wear face masks , and worse still, they get mad and beat up employees of the businesses who ask to use the face mask properly.

A video that went viral on social networks reveals one of these aggressive individuals: a client of Little Caesar’s chain and that’s how Lord Pizza was born.

In the video you can see the moment in which the customer reacts violently when the employee asked him to please put on the mask in order to sell him a pizza .

At this, the enraged customer hits, yells and takes the employee by his clothes until he is cornered in the wall. Although his companion tried to control him , the subject did not relent in his assault on the employee. It highlights the fact that, although he kept yelling and hitting the employee, the man finally put on the mask. 

Meanwhile, the employees asked their partner to sell them pizza so that the subject calmed down, while the companion continued to try, unsuccessfully, to calm the aggressor.