Lopez Obrador against freedom of the press. Once again, he insults the newspaper Reforma.

With the hashtag #PasquinInmundo the government bots and trolls lynched a REFORMA reporter. Their attack against her was for questioning AMLO.

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – Once again, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his followers lynched on the social networks with insults, disqualifications, and other violent ways, the reporter of the newspaper Reforma for asking “unscheduled” questions at the morning conference, a situation that bothers Lopez Obrador.

On this occasion, AMLO called the Reforma a ‘filthy rag’ after reading that the newspaper reported embezzlement in the Macuspana City Hall, Tabasco, where another of his relatives is involved in acts of corruption. The embezzlement in his homeland’s municipality, Macuspana, Tabasco, of 223 million pesos, involves his sister-in-law Concepción Falcón, married to his brother Arturo López Obrador.

AMLO assured that the alleged embezzlement representing 30% of the municipal government’s resources embezzled had not been proven. However, the information comes from an audit of the Tax Inspection Commission of the Congress of Tabasco.

There are different versions of the embezzlement of 200 million from the municipality’s public treasury – and therefore the resignation of the council – but AS ALWAYS, the President of Mexico says he has “other data.”

What most provoked his officials and followers’ ire was that the reporter exhibited the omission in his narrative of fraud from SEGOB made by Manuel Bartlett, today his official and accused of corruption and influence peddling.

AMLO, visibly angry, lashed out at Reforma. “The thing about Macuspana. Look at the Reforma, a filthy rag. With all due respect to the Reforma workers, reporters, reporters, cameramen, and workshop workers, I refer to a filthy rag from the “ones above.” Remember that old saying “slander when it does not stain, it smudges. It is a classic case of the underworld of journalism”.

He continued with his blabber against the newspaper Reforma saying: “The Reforma is a bulletin of conservatism and Salinism as a policy, and they have no scruples, it is an unclean, unethical, unprofessional pasquin. Imagine if there is no bad faith dedicating eight columns to something that is not proven. (According to AMLO, the embezzlement is not proven despite the audit) “They are very good at manipulating, do not go to say tomorrow that I am telling my sister-in-law or that I went out to defend my sister-in-law, that I went out to defend my sister-in-law and that I attacked those of the Reformation and attacked freedom of expression ..This is vile journalism. I underline it because conservatives are very hypocritical; they always take it from good people and take pure baths and act immorally. This is a filthy rag, so they are going to clarify, but they already hit him… And why do they do it? For Macuspana? For my sister-in-law? No, it’s against me … to attack me.

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