Hugs and not bullets not working for AMLO – narco shooting leaves 11 dead in Guanajuato.

Preliminary versions from the authorities, say that an armed group arrived at the site and fired against the bar workers and customers. The balance was 11 people dead, seven men and four women.

GUANAJUATO, Mexico (EFE) – Eleven people were killed inside a bar in the municipality of Jaral del Progreso, in the state of Guanajuato, located in central Mexico and one of the most violent regions of the country.

The events occurred early Sunday morning at the night center called “La Cabaña del Toro” located near the state highway that connects Jaral del Progreso with Cortazar’s municipality.

According to preliminary versions from the authorities, an armed group arrived at the place and shot at the bar workers and customers.

The balance was 11 people dead, seven men and four women, while another wounded person was taken to a nearby hospital.

State and federal elements arrived on the scene to cordon off the crime scene.

Jaral del Progreso, with a population of approximately 40 thousand inhabitants, is located in the south of Guanajuato and only 25 kilometers from Villagrán. In this municipality, the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel was born.

Five people are shot dead in a taqueria in Irapuato, Guanajuato.
This criminal group was led by José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, known as “El Marro,” who was arrested last August 2 and is currently awaiting his sentence in the maximum-security federal prison of the Altiplano.

Despite this, the Guanajuato cartel maintains an intense dispute with the New Generation Jalisco Cartel for the state’s control, the most violent in Mexico since 2018.

Both criminal groups have among their income sources the theft of fuel, drug trafficking, and extortion of merchants and businessmen.

From January to August, 3,032 people have been murdered in Guanajuato, 84 percent of them with a firearm, while nationally, the number of victims amounts to 23,471.

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