Hospitals and rural schools among winners of the AMLO raffle

Several hospitals and a rural school, among the millionaire winners of the raffle equivalent to the presidential plane.

The 100 winners of 20 million pesos of the ‘presidential plane’ raffle were announced on the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 15 by the National Lottery and some of the lucky ones have already come to light, among them several public hospitals and a rural school in Nuevo León.

Through social networks, some winners have announced that their “ticket” was awarded, as in the case of the IMSS hospitals in Michoacán, the State of Mexico and Nayarit, as well as the ISSSTE hospital in Zacatecas.

The General Hospital of Zone Number 1 of the IMSS in Tepic, Nayarit, was the winner during the Special Draw number 235 with the ticket number 5352100, according to the agency.

Another was the Regional General Hospital Number 1 Charo of the IMSS in Michoacán, which won with the winning ticket 5286423. The agency reported that the award will be allocated to the installation of a hemodynamic room for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The IMSS Regional General Hospital Number 220, based in Toluca, State of Mexico, was also announced a winner of the Grand Prize with ticket number 5242187.

ISSSTE also announced a winner. It is the ISSSTE Hospital in Fresnillo, Nuevo León, which won the award with ticket number 1285450.

It is also known that a rural school in El Yerbaniz, in the municipality of Aramberri, in Nuevo León, was awarded a prize of 20 million pesos corresponding to the raffle.

Today the National Lottery distributed 2 billion pesos in the draw equivalent to the value of the presidential plane.



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