Governor Mauricio Vila performs “Cry of Independence”

In an unprecedented ceremony due to the COVID pandemic, Governor Mauricio Vila performed the Cry of Independence this Monday night from the main balcony of the Government Palace, as all governors usually do, but this time without the presence of the general population to prevent the spread of the virus.

The formal event, carried out following the sanitary measures recommended by the SSY, only had the presence of some civil and military authorities, and representatives of the legislative and judicial powers, and was broadcast through social networks.

This is how the traditional “Día del Grito” was celebrated last night in Yucatán, on the 210th anniversary of the Mexican Independence.

As part of the preventive health measures, the area near the Main Square of Mérida had access restricted to pedestrians and vehicles, and filters were installed from two blocks around.

This September 16 there will no traditional civic-military parade, but the day started at five in the morning with an operation before the raising of the Flag, with partial closures to vehicular traffic a block around, and a filter of security for access to the “Plaza Grande”.