“Go ahead and film me, you horrible Indian!” – Argentinean couple insults neighbor in Mexico City

The Argentinean couple pounced on the woman with beatings and racial slurs. The foreign woman used the word “Indian” as a classist and racist insult to refer to her neighbor.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – An Argentinean couple living in Mexico insulted and physically assaulted a neighbor of the Hippodrome neighborhood in Mexico City, who asked to clip the side of a tree to reduce weight and avoid future accidents.

In the recording posted on social networks, you can observe the neighbors discussing. Simultaneously, authorities from the Cuauhtémoc City Hall carried out the maneuvers to prune a part of the trees.

The young Argentinean woman began to yell at the neighbor, who recorded the video, that she was ignorant and that all she cared about was that they cut down the trees.

A man asked her not to insult and not to disrespect others. Otherwise, he would call the police, and they would have to resolve the Public Ministry’s differences.

“You are ignorant. Cutting down trees is ignorant. That’s ignorance,” the Argentine man intervened in response to the neighbor. Simultaneously, the young woman, who was wearing red pants and a yellow shirt, answered that she was disgusted by the other settlers.

Although the neighbors argued that this was maintenance work to keep the area safe, the Argentinean denied the authorities’ need to come to cut the trees.

You disgust me. You are an Indian,” said the woman. At that moment, the camera was pointed at her partner, who showed his palm to cover his face. “What are you filming? Don’t film,” he said and tapped her cell phone to stop the recording. “Film me, you horrible Indian,” was the last thing heard on the 30-second video.

In this regard, the Hippodrome residents spoke out against the discriminatory and violent acts of the Argentine couple who also live in the area.