General Motors celebrates 85 anniversary in Mexico with more than 15 million vehicles produced

General Motors celebrates eight and a half decades of operations in Mexico, years in which it has become the main producer and exporter of the sector in the country.

From 1937, when its first manufacturing plant opened, today GM has produced more than 15 million vehicles and nearly 30 million engines at its four manufacturing facilities.

“It is an honor to be part of this special date. The history of General Motors in Mexico is possible thanks to the work and commitment of thousands of people and business partners who have been part of our company, thanks to all of them and to our clients for their preference “, shares Francisco Garza, President and CEO of General Motors of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

General Motors was established in Mexico on September 23, 1935, the first corporate offices were located in downtown Mexico City. In 1936, the construction of the Mexico Plant began, GM’s first located on Avenida Ejército Nacional, where the corporate offices are currently located on that land.

GM recalls that before it was legally incorporated in Mexico, the Corporation, upon seeing the potential of the Mexican market, authorized the opening of the first distributor in 1921, which was a Buick dealership.

The incorporation of the company in Mexico (in 1935) was done with only 36 employees, today GM employs about 21,000 direct collaborators in the country.

In the first year of production, an average of 9 units were manufactured per day, in 2020, rates of up to 62 units per hour are reached.

General Motors offers more than 32 models in Mexico of the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands. 84% of the portfolio has OnStar, a unique service in the personalized assistance industry that offers security, navigation and connectivity; It currently has 140,000 subscribers 7 years after starting operations in the country.

GM has a presence in every state in the country thanks to its experienced Dealer Network that has 337 points of contact.