Federal Government to quadruple budget for St. Lucia Airport by 2021

Economic Package 2021 provides for 21,315 million pesos to continue the construction of the International Airport of Saint Lucia

MEXICO (Agencies) – The Federal Government will quadruple in 2021 the budget for the construction of the Santa Lucia International Airport in the State of Mexico.

The 2021 Economic Package, delivered by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to the Chamber of Deputies this Tuesday, considers an investment of 21 thousand 315 million pesos in the project.

In 2020, the Federal Government assigned 5 thousand 372 million pesos to the priority work.

The construction of the AISL aims to solve the problem of saturation at Mexico City’s International Airport (AICM), serving 18 million passengers in its first year of operations.

When built at the Santa Lucía Air Base, in the municipality of Tecámac, it will operate with two parallel runways for commercial use and one runway for military use. It will also have a passenger terminal and a cargo terminal.

In 2021, the construction of the airport’s central runway will continue and platforms and taxiways. We will continue with the construction of the passenger terminal, the construction of the Airport Authority facilities, the Operation Center, the Road Interconnection between Caseta Tultepec and Santa Lucía, and complementary works and equipment acquisition.

According to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Santa Lucía International Airport will be inaugurated on March 21, 2022.