Conkal, Yucatan (August 22, 2020).- This beautiful nocturnal bird was lucky to be protected by a family in the municipality of Conkal.

CONKAL; Yucatán, August 20.- A family rescued and handed over to the municipal police a beautiful Campanario Owl (Tyto alba) that was later transferred to the personnel of the “Santa María” Project.

The Barn Owl is a beautiful nocturnal bird that is distributed throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Sometimes, some of these birds run with bad luck, as they were killed with stones or bullets due to the false belief that they are a “bad omen”.

The owl got caught in the mesh of a palapa on a property in the “Paseo del Ángel” subdivision and the owners reported the fact and helped the police to rescue the bird, which looked healthy.

In turn, the police elements protected her until civil organization personnel arrived and then they handed the bird over to them.

The Director of the Municipal Police Melina Covián said that the work of the family that protected the bird was “commendable, because we know that in other places the lives of some specimens have been ended by ignorant people’s beliefs in the sense that they are ominous. ”

Source: El Gran Kanxoc