Another corruption complaint against AMLO’s sister-in-law now in Veracruz

Carol Jessica Moreno Torres is investigated for alleged resource diversion.

VERACRUZ Mexico – The Veracruz Comptroller General’s Office had filed a complaint with the State Prosecutor’s Office against Carol Jessica Moreno Torres, sister-in-law of Morena leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for the alleged diversion of 80 million pesos when she was a senior official of the state Education Ministry.

In filing the complaint, the state comptroller, Guillermo Moreno, said that 20 phantom companies were used in the Ministry of Education of Veracruz to divert resources.

He said that the denunciation only covers the months in which Moreno Torres was in charge of the Chief Officer’s Office of the agency.

The State Comptroller’s Office has filed at least 80 complaints against various agencies with the local Prosecutor’s Office.

The rebuke against Moreno Torres was made known before the leader of Morena made a tour in Veracruz to accompany his party’s candidates to various mayoral offices.

Moreno Torres is the wife of Arturo López Obrador, with whom Morena’s leader has had political differences because his brother supported PRI candidates in the 2016 elections.