AMLO attacks women who took over the CNDH facilities

Activists put the vandalized painting up for auction. (Photo: Reforma)

The president launched harsh criticism for the vandalism that has been registered and for the Franciso I. Madero painting that was vandalized.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador attacked the women who have taken over the facilities of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) after the way they painted a Francisco I. Madero portrait.

” I respect all the demonstrations, but I do not agree with the violence, vandalism. I do not agree with what they did to the painting of Francisco I. Madero,” he said.

“I apologize for what I am saying, and of course I did not like to see the image of Madero outraged. No one should be offended like that”


The Mexican president affirmed that whoever knows the history of Madero knows that he should be respected, and considered that those who damage the image of the revolutionary is due to ignorance or because they are conservative.

” Madero paid with his life, the conservatives sacrificed him. So whoever affects Madero’s image either does not know Madero’s history, does so unconsciously or is a conservative,” AMLO said.

“I understand that they are hurt, they have the right to demonstrate, but I don’t think this is the best way to do it”

López Obrador called on the activists to protest in another way and assured that violence is not the way.

” Let those who protest know that the president of the CNDH has been a victim herself because her brother disappeared. She is not an academic or a member of civil society. Much less a conservative,” AMLO said.

“Why don’t the protesters talk to her? Those attitudes are food for thought,” AMLO added.

After the protesters transformed the CNDH into a refuge for violent women, the president affirmed that his government will not fall into provocations.

“What are they thinking? Why are we going to fall for the provocation? And that we are going to evict them? No. They want the federal government to act violently, but we don’t act like that,” AMLO concluded.