A new hotel in Tulum is presented; it has the form of a nest. 

The hotel will be located in the middle of the jungle. The client is ‘Zama Desarrollos,’ and the project is still “in process,” according to DNA Barcelona Architects.

MEXICO (Milenio News) – DNA Barcelona, an international architecture, industrial, and interior design studio, presented the project “Cocoon Hotel & Resort,” a new eco-resort that is planned to open in Tulum, which will have facilities that resemble nests, located in the middle of the jungle and next to the sea.

“The complex offers luxury community spaces integrated with nature, such as jungle gardens, magical spaces for outdoor living: villas, multipurpose pavilion, indoor community spaces, leisure areas, restaurant and a panoramic nest with breathtaking views,” the company said.

According to the project, which also considers residential development, there are 46,181 square meters, and it will have three residential buildings and two hotels with 204 apartments and 167 rooms, as well as 16 private villas.

The project is still in process, according to the information presented by the design company, which does not detail the budget of the project.

In addition, they assure that the spa, saunas, and community pools are an important part of the project and were developed with the idea of resembling cenotes, the natural freshwater ponds that the Mayans gave a sacred use to.

“DNA emphasizes the concept of sustainability by respecting the ecosystem and biodiversity, contributing to the use of natural materials that minimize the impact of construction and waste generation,” says the company.



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