A five-year-old girl is the second registered case of “COVIDengue”

Colima, Col. (September 25, 2020).- The Secretariat of Health and Social Welfare of Colima reported that a second case of the coexistence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with the dengue virus, now called Covidengue, was registered in a girl under 5 years of age , who is a resident of the municipality of Minatitlán, in the Mexican state of Colima.

“Currently, the patient is at home, totally stable, recovering without complications and continuing her treatment for both diseases”, it was reported in a statement.

“The patient is a beneficiary of the IMSS, and on September 8, the symptoms began and she was taken to consultation until September 11, applying the test for Covid and dengue on 13 and 14 of the same month, and both tests turned out to be positive, “said the Secretary of Health, Leticia Guadalupe Delgado Carrillo.

She added that from the epidemiological investigation it is known that within the symptoms were fever, headache and muscle pain, adding in the following hours irritability, abdominal pain, diarrhea, conjunctivitis and loss of consciousness, for what she was hospitalized.

After she remained hospitalized and under constant observation, the patient presented improvement, which is why on September 15 it was decided to discharge her from the hospital and to continue her treatment on an outpatient basis.

In this regard, the head of the Ministry of Health called on parents not to wait for alarm signs to appear before going to the doctor in both minors and older adults for any condition that has a sudden onset of fever and headache.

And he insisted on the population to get rid of any container or object that could be a reservoir for the reproduction of the transmitter vector, through the reproduction of larvae that can be generated in the breeding sites.